The new Modern Brooklyn Lantern

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The Olde Brooklyn Lantern is back with a modern twist. They’ll be in stock and just wanted to drop a little about them. The Olde Brooklyn Lantern has LED lights that will last for 100,000 hours. Wow! The LED Lights also mean no flames. So it’s completely safe Stay tuned for stock status.


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Bell and Howell Micro Plus is a plus! Plus more!

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The Bell and Howell Micro PLUS picks up sounds from up to 100 feet away and amplifies up to 50 decibels; so you can watch TV without raising the volume or sit in the back row of the theatre and hear every word. Best of all, the Micro Plus is so tiny, and comfortable, it’s almost invisible. Seriously, we love being a little nosey once in a while. 🙂 As Seen on TV Official Site spy approved! Just Click this link to see it for yourself!

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Glitter Toos! They are as cool as they sound, yes!

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Sounds odd but these are the shizbamwozel! Seriously though, Glitter Toos are temporary tattoos that you can use to show off how cool you are! The cool thing about this product is that is safe for everyone. All the materials are safe for kids and non toxic and come in all kinds of different kits. This means you won’t get sick of all the different types. We have Teens, Fantasy, Flowers in Bloom, and many more. We have them all!! You best believe. Anyway, enough rambling this is an awesome cool and fun way to get temporary tattoos that glisten in the sun!

Click Here for all your Glitter Toos needs!

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Strutz are the new cat’s pajamas! meow!

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If you need maximum arch support then why not buy the right product for yourself? If you are a victim of faulty arch support then you need to get on this product! Strutz are your personal Sole Angel! You better believe it! I didn’t believe it at first but this product has helped my fallen arches. I use this in my shoes and around the home. It really is an awesome thing!

We love Strutz! If you feel you need a better way to pamper your foot then this is the jamz! Click Here

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Mighty Light As Seen on TV Coming Soon

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Mighty Light Coming Soon! A hands free Led light that packs a punch! Over 30,000 hours of usage! Bring it anywhere!


Mighty Light will be in stock in 2-3 weeks. Click here for more Mighty Light details!

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Silly Slippeez – As Seen on TV Silly Slippers

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Silly Slippeez are a new product directed for 4th qtr sales. They are glow in the dark slippers that pop when you walk. My daughters are bugging me for them everyday! Check out the Silly Slippeez!


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Go Go Go GoJo Hands Free Headset!

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We have used this product for a week now and we love it.  Having this Gojo Hands Free Headset is the way to go if you need to use both your hands while you’re doing all your favorite activities. If you give it a try you will love it.  It looks cool, feels comfortable, and requires no batteries, chargers, or wires.  What more could you possible ask for? Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that it comes in a 2 pack. One for you and one for…whoever!  It is cool, trust us!

   Just look how satisfied she looks using this product! 🙂

Click HERE to get yours

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Eagle Eyes are the best! See like an eagle!!!

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The Eagle Eyes sunglasses are probably our best product to date.  They started with us when we had our first store and even until today.  They are the perfect sunglasses and we, here at As Seen on TV Official Site, use them EVERYDAY. There are different models and styles to choose from and will fit any activity that you are doing! My favorite are the Futuras followed closely by the Extremes.  

Click here for As Seen on TV Official Site’s best!

This is just an example of our awesome glasses!!

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Vince is back with the Schticky!

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Slap Chop, ShamWow, and now the Schticky! I am seeing an “S” theme here! lol. Vince Shlomi is the man with the plan that helps you with your everyday life. We have replaced all the lint rollers in our homes with the Schticky.  I forgot to mention that the Schticky is the standard sized one that will take care of most things around the house.  The travel sized Lil Schticky is your new purse or pocket companion! It will get rid of dandruff, dirt, lint, or anything else right before a date, presentation, or whatever you’re doing! These two Schtickys are the bomb and will get the job done right.  We here at As Seen on TV Official Site are always talking about what we schtuck the other day.  It’s a competition of sorts.  It’s effective and, overall, just a lot of fun to do!  You need to get one for yourself because this product is hard to put down!  “Clean up your mess quicky with the Schticky!”

Click here Schticky!


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US Patrol ID Stamp Protector!

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Ok, so there isn’t much I’m going to say about this.  It is pretty simple but oh so effective.  The US Patrol ID Stamp Protector will hide your personal information.  You won’t have to worry about identity theft again because the stamp will jumble and render any visible information incoherent! No more shredders, bonfires,  or what-have-you! Simple and to the point.  Just how we like here at As Seen on TV Official Site.  I’m kind of on a stamping frenzy because I have a lot of information to hide from all the bad guys. Thank you US Stamp Protector!

Hit this link to get yours and save yourself stress and time!

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