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Eagle Eyes are the best! See like an eagle!!!

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The Eagle Eyes sunglasses are probably our best product to date.  They started with us when we had our first store and even until today.  They are the perfect sunglasses and we, here at As Seen on TV Official Site, use them EVERYDAY. There are different models and styles to choose from and will fit any activity that you are doing! My favorite are the Futuras followed closely by the Extremes.  

Click here for As Seen on TV Official Site’s best!

This is just an example of our awesome glasses!!

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Vince is back with the Schticky!

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Slap Chop, ShamWow, and now the Schticky! I am seeing an “S” theme here! lol. Vince Shlomi is the man with the plan that helps you with your everyday life. We have replaced all the lint rollers in our homes with the Schticky.  I forgot to mention that the Schticky is the standard sized one that will take care of most things around the house.  The travel sized Lil Schticky is your new purse or pocket companion! It will get rid of dandruff, dirt, lint, or anything else right before a date, presentation, or whatever you’re doing! These two Schtickys are the bomb and will get the job done right.  We here at As Seen on TV Official Site are always talking about what we schtuck the other day.  It’s a competition of sorts.  It’s effective and, overall, just a lot of fun to do!  You need to get one for yourself because this product is hard to put down!  “Clean up your mess quicky with the Schticky!”

Click here Schticky!


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US Patrol ID Stamp Protector!

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Ok, so there isn’t much I’m going to say about this.  It is pretty simple but oh so effective.  The US Patrol ID Stamp Protector will hide your personal information.  You won’t have to worry about identity theft again because the stamp will jumble and render any visible information incoherent! No more shredders, bonfires,  or what-have-you! Simple and to the point.  Just how we like here at As Seen on TV Official Site.  I’m kind of on a stamping frenzy because I have a lot of information to hide from all the bad guys. Thank you US Stamp Protector!

Hit this link to get yours and save yourself stress and time!

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BuckyBalls, Cubes, & Chromatics will consume your life!! ;)

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So, I’m going to level with you all. These magnetic things are addictive and will consume HOURS of your life! This is definitely not a bad thing!! Buckyballs, Cubes, and Chromatics are the newest toy for adults that will bring out your imagination to the fullest! There are endless possibilities to what you can make with your cool new magnets! BuckyBalls, BuckyCubes, and New BuckyBalls Chromatics are the best way to relieve stress and create just about anything you can think up! They also look really cool on your desk at work. It’s the toy for adults that won’t get you in trouble unless you’re playing with it too much at work! Really, there are so many things you can make with the Chromatics because they come in 7 different colors: Purple, Green, Blue/Green, Pink, Red, Orange, and Blue. I can’t get enough of these. There is one big thing that you all need to know! These new products are NOT for children under the age of 14. If you’re an adult and you have an imagination or just want to relieve stress then this is the product for you! It is just amazing what you can do with the BuckyBalls!  These are awesome!

Click Here To See All Our BuckyBalls, Cubes, and Chromatics!

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Hallelujah! Miracle Socks have saved the day!! :)

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We are on our feet ALL DAY LONG! We were enthused when we found this item. The Miracle Socks improve circulation and relieve tired and aching feet! We have no idea why we didn’t have this product before! It’s a true miracle. It also comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

Click here to check out this product and see what you’ve been missing!

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Get It Green will give you back your ‘green thumb’ ;)

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This Get It Green stuff is our best product yet! Now we don’t have the neighborhood council down our throats about tidying up our lawn! Not only do we use this fantastic product but we cannot get enough of it.  We need more! We have so much yard ugliness due to pets, moving, vehicles, and kids. This is the best thing for the yard next to mother nature! Just spray your target area and forget about it!

Click Here to Learn More about this AMAZING product!!!!!!!

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Lotto Plant – Money, money, moooney!

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We at As Seen on TV Official Site hate coming up with numbers for the lottery because there are too many options! Now we have the Lotto Plant to help us decide! All you have to do is plant the bean and let it grow.  For those with lotto fever!! We know we have it.  I know I have planted about 15 beans in my garden.  Am I obsessed!? DO NOT answer that! 🙂

Click here to “plant the bean and win the green”

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Cats Rejoice! The Sift and Toss is here to stay!

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We know how much of a mess it can be to clean up after our cats.  Especially when you’re in a hurry and they just left you a little gift! Now the Sift & Toss is here to make cleaning up messes easy. Sift and Toss Litter box liner and cleaning system automatically sifts and separates dirty clumps simply by lifting the mesh liner bag, leaving the pan perfectly clean for your cat to use again. No more scooping or spills on your floor! Kit includes 2 solid bottom liners, 14 mesh sifting liners and 14 scent-lock disposal bags.  Meow

Click here to get your very own!

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